This is the initial draft release of tokenomics for $PAPER and we encourage community feedback on all fronts if you identify areas which can be improved, numbers may change before official release based on feedback.
$PAPER is to be the base utility token throughout the paperhands ecosystem, we bring with it a focus on these key topics: Utility, Scarcity & Sustainability. Rather than a public launch and creating tremendous sell pressure from the outset, you'll need to be within the paperhands ecosystem to get rewarded with the initial claim and staking rewards of $PAPER.
The initial claim and staking rewards have been designed with the above principles in mind, but in any case the true value of $PAPER is going to be driven by the utility we can provide. All too often a token is released for the sake of a token, we aim to provide many avenues to utilize your $PAPER across varying use cases. There will be plenty of opportunity for burn (deflationary) mechanics through the $PAPER marketplace, mints and subscriptions - ratios of burn will differ based on the use case.
Any token that is launched is only as good as what you can use it for, by combining both practical utility use cases for $PAPER (from both within and external to the community) and the upcoming P2E economy, you'll have to decide where your $PAPER is put to best use...